Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Link Love

So, have you been LOVING the cara cara oranges?! I’m totally hooked. I’ll be sad when Kroger stops having them. And did a mango ever look any better?

I’ve thought of this quote all week, and of her tender article. I was so touched by her journaling from her recent trip to Africa.

I love every post on my friend Suzanne’s blog, but this was such a great tribute, followed by this.

Sorry, I just can’t stop it with the food on a stick theme….

A lovely free printable here.

Oh, the hundreds of these that my kids used to come home from the Easter egg hunt with. Now I HAVE to try this!

THESE!! Oh, I am swooning over these!!!!

I would live in any one of these, even the boarded up one, and think you would just rest better and feel happier if you lived in a turquoise house.

This baby quilt makes me smile.

I love these!

We really enjoyed this this week. My oven is still out and I’m trying out new crockpot recipes.

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donna said...

I'm so far behind on reading my favorite blogs.

Phillip might not want to make roses with the tootsie rolls, but he'd luv creating something more to his liking.