Monday, March 15, 2010



My young grandson rides with me

as I mow the day’s first swath

of the hillside pasture,

and then he rambles the woods beyond

the field’s edge, emerging

from the trees to wave, and I wave back

remembering that I too once

played at field’s edge and waved

to an old workman who went moving by,

waving back to me as he passed.

Wendell Berry, Leavings


donna said... I have a new word to use in place of "getting old".

I almost always look at your blog first thing in the morning while enjoying my first cup of coffee. They go together well.


Allison said...

wonderful post, sue! wendell berry is one of my favorite poets. i love the photos, too. what are your plans for those pretty grannies?

ArtCricket2 said...

I must read more Wendell Berry! The granny squares are beautiful! Wonderful color choices. I thought the clay pieces from embrace were wonderful, too. Did Shawn make them?

Sue said...

The grannies were started for a baby afghan.......for a "baby" that is walking now... So, some lucky baby born in about 2 more years will be the lucky recipient but I may have to turn to you Allison for advice on sewing them all together!