Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lenten Traditions


For at least 10 years, it has been our tradition to attend a Lenten fish fry with our good friend Al. Al is such a selfless and good friend that he has done parish by parish testing and is able to steer us to the best fish fry in town. Tonight was a double bonus for me because it was in the basement of a building that DH and I lived in when we were first married. Several years ago our friend Cora began joining us for this outing. Sadly, the person who most looks forward to this outing (DH) had to work tonight.

Another tradition is to bring out this treasure of all treasures that my dearest pastor brought back from Israel for me. Photos do not do it justice. It’s one of those pictures where when you move it the picture changes. And so, we begin with this -


But if you move a little just so, you see this-


But hold on now………then there’s this…..


Have any Lenten traditions at your house?

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donna said...

After all these years hearing of your wonderful friend/neighbor, Al, I get to see a picture of him. And look at that cute little Kendra.

No Lenten tradition in this house that compares to yours.