Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Day of Spring!


First work day in the community garden - turning soil in the beds, digging out weeds, planting great stuff like peas and lettuce and broccoli and arugula.  Our garden is about 14 years old, and unique in this city in that it’s gardened communally rather than each person having a plot or bed.  Works for us, and has for all these years.   In the early years when we were younger and didn’t have kids and some of the other obligations we have now, it was a show piece.  We met and worked in it twice a week.   Like any good relationship, the appearances have dropped off a bit, but we love it all the more as it ages with us.  Such good things grow there like a whole bed of garlic, grapes and raspberries, plenty of beets,  basil enough for us all, and great friendships.  Many a joy or sorrow has been shared as we weeded or watered or planted seed. 

And speaking of good friendships,  we celebrated that great gift tonight with some very special friends around a table of amazing Indian food.

Welcome Spring!  After months of hunkering down and turning up our collars, , how nice to celebrate the new and the green and the old and the true.


ArtCricket2 said...

This is a beautiful post all the way around. I think your community is awesome in so many ways.

Queen of Fun said...

Oh joy!
I came home to a beautiful banner from you!
Love it!
Stapled it to the wallbecause I couldn't wait!.
Don't tell Joe.

Sue said...

My memory is horrible.....but I swear I don't think I can take credit for the banner. What does it look like?

donna said...

You know I'm always excited to read about and see photos of what's going on in your community garden.

Hard to beat the combination of good food and good friends.


Marie said...

Your community garden sounds wonderful. I am working on gathering information to help make our local community gardens better. Perhaps, you can take a moment to read and help with some of the questions on my September 7 blog "A Garden in Bethlehem PA"

I am looking for information from experienced as well as new community gardeners. I would appreciate any help you have time to give.