Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dance all night.....

I grew up going to Camp Loucon at least one week each summer and more if I could get away with it. There were a lot of great camp traditions that were in place before I ever started going there, and I loved to revisit the familiar each year. One of my favorite was a dance we did every night called the Salty Dog Rag. You could be just about anywhere around the camp and hear the needle drop onto the scratchy record from the dance hall and you dropped everything and ran there as quick as you could. Fast forward 40 years.........and my own kids go to Camp Loucon now, as often as they can, and one even hopes to work there this summer. And guess what? They still do the Salty Dog Rag. As I was about to age out of Camp Loucon, the SDR was being converted to a line dance at camp which I think was a good change- kept you from having to scurry up a partner to dance. But I did love to both dance and watch as the couples danced to it. I tried to find a video that showed it the way we did it, and was astounded at how many videos youtube had of this dance! This is basically the way we did it.

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