Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wednesday Link Love

I’d like the whole village, please.  This family makes such nice stuff.

Fun (and easy) little wreath for the tea lover.

Fun little pattern!

Ever in the pursuit of portable beds around here, I was most excited about this cool bed that my friend Suzanne showed me. Be sure to click on the video on the right of the screen. And then I saw this on Craig’s list this week. Be sure to click on the demo button on it too.  Mostly I just dream of having a thousand bucks and a truck and a fantasy trip to Ikea for a couple of these.

A very easy way to make grocery shopping more fun for everyone.

I want someone to just once be this glad to see me!

Another fun and easy idea.

Oh, I would love to get one of these started in Louisville.

I’m a sucker for those Newberry Award books.  I should join the project.

This sounds like a tasty treat.


donna said...

When Phillip and I make applesauce, we always put in a handful of red hots. It's something Sr's mother did, too. I've printed this red hot jello recipe for us to make this weekend.


ArtCricket2 said...

Oh, I knew that wreath was going to make it to Wednesday Link Love! Love the village. Love the bean bag bed. Can't wait to make puzzle magnets which may be next year's Christmas presents. Love the idea of a craft exchange. I just took a bunch of paper to church for other scrappers to choose from.
Ah, Link Love is such fun!