Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday

Sara McReynolds

Today is the birthday of my beautiful niece Sara.  I would not be 17 again for any amount of money, but then I was not nearly as amazing at 17 as she is.  Every day she grows stronger and more beautiful.  One of my very favorite moments in this past year was watching her speak truth to power when she addressed the Metro Council.   I know her, and I know her knees were probably shaking, but she looked at them all unflinchingly and told them that when girls do not get the education they need, they become invisible.   Sara knows what God requires, and  she lives it.  She does indeed do justice, loves mercy, and walks humbly with her God.


ArtCricket2 said...

Beautiful inside and out!

Queen of Fun said...

You were amazing at 17 but God was gracious enough to not let you know your own power.
You are a sneeky package -- you are!
Linda Faye and I want to come down there Friday night -- see your new floors -- and treat you to dinner. You in?
Call me or E-mail me.

donna said...

Of course, she's all those things...she's your niece and she's following your example. And look how pretty she.