Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday Link Love

The folks at Kind Over Matter pretty much make me feel rich about 4 or 5 times a day!

There is an adorable free printable here, and I think others on that site but it’s all in French so I’m not sure.

Antique Mommy has a great little article about the loss of a cultural icon- dropping by for coffee.

If you need to create a story board or to illustrate a brainstorming session, this is just for you.

Love this quilt.

Fun little wreath!

These roads are too cool! What a great idea!

More chalkboard paint! I love it!

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donna said...

Thanks for reconnecting me with Antique Mommy. Don't know why, but I'd lost track of her. When Faye and I lived in Hillridge, it was common to "drop by for coffee" and to invite the neighborhood women as a group for coffee. I still meet a few friends for coffee, but usually as McDonald's.

Is it spring there in Louisville?