Friday, March 19, 2010

Like a Timex……

Six years ago my kids gave me Herbie for Mother’s Day.  (and that’s a whole other story for another day!)  He was approximately 12 at the time……(see above.  a totally other story…)  He hasn’t had the use of his back legs or any feeling from his midsection back for about 5 years.  Five years of an incontinent paralyzed dog takes a heavy toll on carpet.  Five years of any dog would take a heavy toll.  We were always reluctant to replace it though, thinking that he probably wouldn’t live much longer.  As awful as the carpet looked, it did serve him well because he could get good traction with his two good legs and get enough momentum to get himself into the kitchen faster than anyone whenever the refrigerator door opened.  We finally had to replace the carpet- it had become just so awful that I didn’t want to invite anyone in.  We knew that this would be the final blow to Herbie’s limited mobility and it made us sad, but we just couldn’t wait any longer.  We have lovingly carried him to the living room window this week where he likes to spend his days and put him in his bed there or on a blanket and then moved him when we got home in the evening to give him a change of scenery.    Except for yesterday.  K came home from school and found him in the kitchen.  We were just sure that DH had moved him there when he got home from work, but not so.  DH reports that when he opened a cabinet in the kitchen , Herbie heard the peanut butter jar being opened up and he elbow crawled in there faster than DH could make a sandwich! 

This boy does indeed take a licking and keeps on kicking.


Greg Yost said...

He's still a fine looking pug, too. I've seen pugs half his age who looked worse.

donna said...

It seems everyone in your family has that "can do" spirit, including the precious Herbie.