Thursday, May 6, 2010


(If only someone had left this simple note)

So, I was out talking to my next door neighbor tonight.  He was showing me a huge dent in his car put there one night this week by some kids who were fighting in the street.  He showed me the weather stripping that is permanently pulled out from where someone once tried to break into his car.  We discussed various “keying” jobs and scratches and he was just saying to me that he just chalks it up to battle wounds for those of us who choose urban life.  So, that sentence wasn’t out of his mouth until DH comes out the front door and screams as he points to our car.  Not sure WHY I didn’t notice that someone had written in Sharpie across my door BITCH.   But look- there it was.  DH ran in and got the infamous Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (what on earth did we ever do without those?) and proceeded to scrub it off. 

As I was driving to the store a thought crossed my mind.  So, what if I had left it on there as sort of an introductory statement.  I noted last week at the parade that while some of the “celebrities”  were not instantly recognizable, there was a sign on the car door to tip you off as to who the person was and why they got to ride on the back of a car in the parade.  One even said Professional Black Jack Player.

So, I’m wondering how differently I might be treated if I were driving around town with my own sort of ghetto version of a vanity plate scrawled across my car door.  Would folks just go ahead and let me cut into traffic here and there, save the best parking space for me, do just about anything to keep me happy?  Would my kids feel justified, sort like, “See, I told you….and she’s not even embarrassed about it.”?

I’ll never know thanks to that amazing Magic Eraser. 


donna said...

Both a funny post and a little frightening. Hope you reported it. Sounds threatening to me, but then I get upset when someone throws a soda can out the car window into our yard.

Ghetto version of a vanity plate...that made me laugh out loud.


ArtCricket2 said...

me, too! (laughing). Sorry to hear of the vandalism though. Jim had his car window shot out by bb gun several years ago, along with all of the others in the block.