Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Little Late Link Love

Red Kingpin Chair — Because It's Good to Be King

So, the joke in my house is that DH loves BIG things. I once asked him for a big frying pan for Christmas, and he took me very seriously. I can’t use any of the other burners when that thing comes out. His wheelbarrow is legendary in this neighborhood for being bigger than a compact car. So, how loud do you think I laughed when I saw this in one of my favorite catalogs?!!

As for me, I’ll take a rocker with a little whimsy.

I’d love to make a set of these blocks.

I love flip flops, so of course this caught my eye.

Everywhere I turn of late, salted caramel seems to be popping up. These sound mighty good!

These are adorable! And who cares about accuracy?!

I’d love to try my hand at one of these for one of my girls. Seems too good (easy) to be true.

Sorry for the late post and a smaller than usual list. Lots going on around here this week.

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donna said...

That big chair caught my eye, too. I actually cut it out of a magazine. Don't know why because I have no intention of buying it. Thought maybe P3 could somehow use it when he makes his dad's Father's Day card.