Wednesday, May 5, 2010

For Today

Outside my window…..  everything is green and growing after all the rain.  And I have a new hanging plant- a nice coleus- from the market today.

I am  thinking...about my niece and nephew in Columbus who are celebrating their 14th anniversary today, and spent their anniversary at a neurology appointment with their little boy.  They are wonderful parents,  and have a lot on their plate with three kids and one of those with special needs, and they handle it all so so well.

I am thankful kids.  Even on my worst day, I never ever ever regret becoming their mom.   Now THEY may regret it and may end up in therapy over it all, but as for me- it’s my highest calling.  And I”m thankful for my mother on this Mother’s Day week and the many wonderful treasures she packed into my life over all these years.  And I’m thankful for my Aunt Elaine who  has loved me and cared for me my whole life with love equal to that of a mother.

From the kitchen...there seems to be this contented sigh emanating from there following a lovely Tuesday dinner that included a new recipe for sweet and sour meatballs and an amazing salad and hot rolls with Beth’s Blueberry Verbena jam fresh from the market today.

I am wearing...brown.  Wait- has this become my Tuesday uniform?!!  Not the same shirt though.

I am for Teacher Appreciation Week.  K has a couple of teachers that I know she will be eternally grateful for because of the level of work they have called out of her during high school. 

I am bed very soon.  I’ve been actually enjoying my sleep over this past week which is a bit of a rarity for me.

I am reading...All the Living by C. E. Morgan.  Yes, basically on or close to the same page as last week.

I am be able to do a little makeover to the girls room this summer.  I think of it all of the time lately.

I am hearing...As The World Turns which is playing while I type  this.  I DO love ATWT!

Around the house...the seams are about to stretch back out a bit as we bring S home from college this week for the summer.  This house has become “elastic”!

One of my favorite the Phoenix Hill Farmer’s Market and today was opening day!  I looked forward to it all day and visualized all of the things I wanted to get.

A few plans for the rest of the week……..I’m almost afraid to say this again for fear that once again it will not happen, but I think all three of my kids will be under roof this weekend!

Here’s a picture for thought I am sharing….


Radishes from Argyle Farms, salad greens from Finger Pickin’ Farms, and wonderful arugula from Groce Family Farms

Today I have joined with other women who are choosing to linger on the simple things on Tuesdays through The Simple Woman’s Daybook


Allison said...

that's a bowl full of goodness! it looks so good. last night i sauteed up spinach with garlic and a bit of cream and topped it with some grated parmesan. it was delicious. i'm so glad the market is back.

i love reading these for today posts of yours. they are always really thoughtful.

donna said...

I'm so glad that the PH Market is up and running again because that means you'll be blogging about it and those are always some of my favorite posts. Luv the photo.

Can't imagine you wearing brown two Tuesdays in a row. You are so NOT a brown clothing person. Yesterday I was wearing blue flip flops, brown capris, yellow t-shirt with a red plaid flannel shirt. I looked adorable:)

Those kidlets better all three make it home this weekend. Fingers crossed. Happy Mother's Day to you.