Wednesday, May 19, 2010

For Today

Outside my window…..  would be the perfect night for the fire bowl.  Not so often in May that one wants a fire!

I am  thinking...constantly of late.  When I try to get to sleep my mind is racing.  I’m thinking and making lists all of the time.  I have a lot going on and am so afraid that I’ll forget something so I just keep going over all of it in my head.  Stop already!

I am thankful co-workers at the church.  Tonight was church staff meeting and I left feeling this great big love thing for all of them.

From the kitchen….nary a crumb resides on the counter.  I didn’t get home from a meeting until almost 10:00 and the kids had outdone themselves in cleaning up after dinner.

I am wearing.. what can only be described as……black pants and a fuschia shirt that I Love. 

I am sleep in my clothes tonight, I swear it.  I am feeling so so so sleepy and I am about to go fall into that bed any moment.

I am reading...  All The Living….but I will have that finished in time for book group on Saturday.

I am run away to Berea this weekend and start bringing my baby boy home.

I am hearing...As The World Turns playing in the background as I surf  the net and sort of scan the soap.

Around the house...most folks are cutting me a pretty broad path these days as I have been over tired and less than happy.

One of my favorite spending the night in Berea.    When C  leaves Berea, I will have no real excuse to go, but I bet I still will anyway!

A few plans for the rest of the week…Book group!  And the much mentioned trip to Berea.  Just me, all alone, no other voices, some reading, some scrapping, some listening to my iPod in the dark- Heaven.  I’m going to see if I have enough points to stay a second night!

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donna said...

Hooray for Berea, the fuschia shirt and no crumbs on the counter.

I have that racing mind thing going on at night, too. Can't turn it off and fall into a deep sleep.