Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wednesday Link Love

I’m thoroughly captivated by Dottie Angel, and this post makes me happy.

This book has been mentioned on a couple of my favorite blogs, and I think I must read it too.  Someday.  Like whenever I start reading more than one book a month like I’ve been doing lately…

All this time I’ve floundered, longing to know this secret…….

Has anyone been to one of these?  Looks like great fun to me!  I might need to go to Franklin, TN to do some research….

For as long as I’ve been reading Britt-Arnhild, I’ve felt this kindred spirit with her.

I’m feeling the need to give these a try!

And these too.  I do love some treats on a stick!

Follow my friend Amy as she is doing such interesting and valuable work in Kenya.

So, if you were trying to think of some way to kill a whole lot of time and/or spend a whole lot of money, have I got the site for you!


donna said...

Apples, caramel, dark chocolate. Three of my favorite foods.

Amy -- an amazing woman. I didn't know she was in Kenya.


ArtCricket2 said...

Another great Wednesday! I'm with Donna-bring on the apples and sticks, and thanks for including my sweet Amy! She's a jewel (of course I think so!)