Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday Link Love

So, I'm loving these letters from Gypsyville-
And I've been falling behind in pug postings, so here's a little Hank love. And I don't mean Hank Green.
This year we got Shawn a GPS for Christmas and he LOVES it. I've only made one trip of any distance with it, and to be honest, when we've been on a really long straight stretch, that bossy woman scares the heck out of me when she commands me to turn in 1500 feet! I forget about her and then there she is! So, I loved the Country Doctor's Wife's GPS story.
Over 30 years ago my friend Lois Sumner showed me a box in which she had kept every wedding invitation she had received since she was newly married. It was so interesting to see how styles had changed in invitations over the years, so I started a collection of my own. I set it out every year in June. I look to see who is still married. Shoot, at my age, I'm starting to look to see who is still alive! At a glance I can see where invitations went from ivory to bright colors and then the color tapering off and lots more ivory and white. While I get a kick out of the Precious Moments invitations and the Khalil Gibran quotes, it's really the more creative ones that I treasure! Oh, that I were on this couple's list!!!!
I'm way out of the era of lots of baby shower invitations but supposing I knew someone who was having one, I'd suggest these decorations. As opposed to these.............
This brought back good memories. I used to make a list with the kids of things we wanted to do over spring or summer break and then we would pull out ideas. Hey, next week is spring break! Maybe we'll do it again!


donna said...

Oh,where do I start? All ab fab links. Pugs seem to be dogs that want/need blankies and I love the word blankie. I'm going to print the GPS story for Nicole. She's always GPSing her way around to the all the endless volleyball tournaments. Has one coming up in Louisville. If we ever get together, I want to see your wedding invitation collection. The next time I'm expecting a baby, please arrange for the shower to be at Portia's house and please don't order me of THOSE cakes.

ArtCricket said...

Gosh, I love to run to my computer on Wednesday night or Thursday morning (more often for me)to see what wonderful finds you have. Today is no exception!
The baby decorations are just the best! I'll file it away for when Amy and Rachel have a little one, and will remember to serve the lovely cake instead of the "other" one.
Please bring the wedding invitation collection when you come to have tea, create art and visit.
You know how I love our time together!
I must tell you that the teeny, tiny Easter card from a previous link love post that I sent to Richey was an incredible hit! She has sent me photo after photo of arranging the various components artfully. She puts the egg back together again, to reopen and enjoy each little piece all over again. Thanks for finding something so fun to entertain her. It was a wonderful gift.