Saturday, March 28, 2009

8 Things-The Spring Break Version

8 Things we want to do over spring break
As compiled over dinner at Our Best last night
1. Go get a bubble tea! None of us have had one and there's a new shop by the pie kitchen.
2. Do a photo shoot night. We did this last year and it was not only very fun, but we got great pictures out of it too!
3. Spend the night with Nana. (Kendra and Shameka) (If only Herbie and Willow could go with them)
4. Do art with Shameka
5. Get lunch from Ollies Trolley
6. First visit to Dairy Dell of the year
7. Play games!
8. Clean out the attic. Well, to be honest, only one of us picked this one. But we WILL do it.


donna said...

You would not believe how often Phil and I mention Ollie Burgers. If he knew there was still an Ollies Trolley in Louisville, we'd probably be down there on a regular basis. We have no Ollies and no Steak n Shake, but somehow we manage to go on with life. You'll be sharing the results of Photo Shoot Night with us, I hope. I'm lovin' 8 Things.

ArtCricket said...

8 wonderful things! I want to know each time you do one! I looooove Ollie burgers and lived on them the summer I was 18 and worked downtown at an ice factory as a bookkeeper ( I didn't know a thing about keeping books but somehow solved a an overtime paycheck crisis with some creative thinking!, oh, by the way did you know I was a phone switchboard operator, like Lily Tomlin, there, too? Gee, I've led a colorful life.
I want to be in your family this week! What fun! and thanks for my own trip down memory lane.