Friday, March 13, 2009


Sometimes, under the guise of a "meeting" with the Nurturing Ministry Team, I know as I'm driving there that I am about to slip into the comfortable circle of the tenderest of friends.
Sure, we do the work of the church, and a lot of it, and good work. But what fuels us to do that is the gift of dear friendship that just happened somewhere along the line as we were going over agendas and planning dream sessions and encouraging the gifts of its members. It is truly my favorite thing about church these days.
Oh, that I could/would look as forward to all the other meetings in my life! Don't tell the girls! They might stop being so sympathetic about poor mom going off to such a long meeting after working all day!

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donna said...

What a blessing friendships are and they can be found in so many, neighborhood, online, etc.