Saturday, March 21, 2009

Eight things I do to try to get to sleep......
  • Visualize myself taking a nap on a screened sleeping porch with a tin roof in the rain.
  • Try to remember details of Camp Loucon, the camp I went to during my teen years, from the entrance all the way through the camp
  • Think of a hymn that starts with each letter of the alphabet
  • When the girls were small, all three of us would lay on our backs in their bed in the dark looking at the glow in the dark stars on the ceiling and pretend we were on a boat floating, each of us describing what we saw or heard. Sometimes I revisit that still.
  • Imagine that I am in a horse -pulled sleigh bundled up warmly and being pulled through a beautiful moonlit open countryside.
  • Imagine that my feet are weightless and floating free, then my legs, and on up to my head, then imagine that they are weighted to the bed, again going from the legs and working its way up.
  • Imagine what I would do to each room of my house if money were no object. This one is only used as a back-up, as it sometimes is more stimulating than restfull.
  • Listen in the darkness for each person (and dog) in the house, "hearing" them sighing and sleeping, then picturing how they look as they sleep, then saying a tiny prayer over each.

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donna said...

I'm a big believer in using visualization to help myself fall asleep. #4 makes me want to run out & get some glow in the dark stars for the ceiling in P3's room here at our house. The "weightless & floating" one is a little weird but I can see how it would help, especially if ones legs were aching. You are the "idea woman"...always something interesting here to read/see. Enjoy Chiayim's visit.