Monday, March 16, 2009


My sister has done a million trillion kind and generous things for me in my lifetime, but not one thing comes even close to the gift of making me an aunt.
All day long I have been playing a sort of movie backwards in my mind- the thought of Sara behind the wheel of a yellow bug, Sara who used to give me the best back rubs, Sara who scooted over and made a place at the table for my girls when they came suddenly into our family, Sara who spilled all of her easter eggs every time she leaned over to pick up another in Nana's yard, Sara who hopped into her pink Barbie car and sent it bucking in reverse, Sara who on the second time I saw her had on a little tiny hat with a shamrock on it, Sara who quite literally took my breath away the first time I met her nestled in her mother's arms just minutes after her birth.
When Sara was born, a short 16 years ago today, we already knew she was going to be a girl, that her name would be Sara. We knew that she would be bright and pretty because, well, her parents were bright and pretty, and she would be ours, so of course she would be bright and pretty. What we didn't know was what joy she would bring us all, that she would so unswervingly follow in the way of our Lord, how big and tender and broken her heart would be for the world, that she would have an artist's spirit, that she would be as beautiful on the outside as the inside.
When Sara and Brandon were little, I had these hopes of being the "cool" aunt. I read a quote the other day that I think better summarizes how it all ended up though- “The building has all the requisites of a great aunt. She is neither very pretty nor elegant, but she has enduring qualities of character.”~Richard Oulahan
Truth is, I'm pretty sure they never ever thought I was cool and probably picture me more in the line of a crazy old woman who keeps 17 cats. It was THEY who became cool! I had that all pictured wrong. It is I who look up to THEM!!!
And so, I celebrate Sara at 16 today, and can't wait to celebrate her at 18 and at 21 as she just grows more wonderful each day.


ArtCricket said...

What a lovely tribute from a really wonderful auntie.

donna said...

After reading that, I'm now in love with Sara. Didn't I see a picture of her "yellow bug" on facebook a while back? Hope she reads your post...never hurts to be reminded of how much you're loved. And....may she keep all her eggs in the basket this Easter. Wonderful post!

donna said...

Regarding the shamrock plant. Yes, it's mine. $3.39 at Festival Foods. Cropping made it look bigger and better than it is and yes I remember Faye's healthy plants. She probably still has them. I looked at the photos of your beautiful girls on FB and made a comment. Hope it's in the right place. I have a hard time with editing. Hope Sara sees your blog today. Would hate for her to miss this great tribute to her.

Sara M said...

i am speechless...
thank you for the wonderful tribute! These are all such great memories! I've ALWAYS thought of you as a cool aunt, and you're no where near being a cat lady! I love you so much, more than you will ever know, and I always will! I will try to keep all my eggs this year lol!
Love You