Monday, March 30, 2009

Go out for Bubble Tea- Check

So, we checked off the first thing on our list for Spring Break. Tonight was Bubble Tea night. If you haven't had Bubble Tea, this is a pretty good description of it:
Bubble tea is far from the plain-looking tea you are familiar with. It comes in a wild variety of flavours and colours. Challenge your palate with peach, lichee, mango or passionfruit! There is also the more traditional green or black tea flavours. It can be served either hot or cold. My personal favorite is chocolate milk black tea, iced.
But the fun part of bubble tea isn’t the colours or the flavours, it’s the ‘bubbles’.
Big, black, balls of chewy tapioca are what make bubble tea such an interesting experience. These pearls are about the size of small marbles and they sink to the bottom of your cup. This tea is usually served with a gigantic straw just the right size for slurping up these gummy treats.
I have to say that while the Bubble Tea was a hit with Kendra, I don't see me ever wanting it again! Something about the whole texture thing with the tapioca! And I love tapioca pudding. Not so much on the big black things in the bottom of the cup! But, I'm glad we gave it a try!


donna said...

Have been wondering about Bubble Tea and now I don't have to ask. So...if the black balls at the bottom are tapioca, why are they black? Now I'm hungry for tapioca.

ArtCricket2 said...

Well, it gets two thumbs up for being colorful! Amy love bubble tea!

Anonymous said...

One of my nieces got married in Berkely, CA. She and her fiance had made up a scavenger hunt type list for the guests. One of the items was to have bubble tea! Bubble tea was the hot thing there 3 years ago. I'm surprised to see it here so soon!