Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Link Love

I really want to do some kind of a photo series.....something this one or this one.

I don't know for sure what a professional might do with my family in the way of a video, but it could never be as gorgeous as this! And wouldn't it just be too too fun to have such a video?

If you're planning a wedding, or need invitations to anything, or just make things, or just like pretty things.....this is a great site for you!

Not that these bags would even hold my wallet, but how cute are they?!

I'm a sucker for kids crafts and for paint chips, so of course I loved these.

This, only messier and with pottery is my dream dream dream. I've always wanted to open one of these clubs.

And for some odd reason, I fantasize about owning one of these.


donna said...

Wednesday Link Love always makes me want to leave 1,000 comments. Don't worry, I won't. The photo series idea is something that interests me, too. There was a time that I wanted to photograph things in nature that resembled a heart shape and then also garden gates. All of the links were fun. Thanks for finding them for us.

sue said...

I tried and tried to get the first couple of words to come down into the body of the paragraph, and just never could and got mad and gave up!

ArtCricket said...

I always look forward to Wednesday Link Love and when I checked yesterday and it wasn't there, I was sad.
More fun stuff, where do you ever find it all? I'm with you on wanting a crafting place. If we found enough artists to provide instruction, I'm convinced it is doable.
Ah, I made Chivda last night, yummy!