Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Photo Meme

Donna posted this meme that had these instructions: Find your fifth photo file folder, locate the fifth photo in the folder and post, and tag five other folks. So, I couldn't resist seeing what my fifth picture would be.

My precious little Herbie! Although Herbie hasn't been able to walk on our kitchen floor for years, he manages to crawl his way from the living room to this rug- I call it swimming to his island. It takes him a very long time and he does a lot of grunting but he never gives up, and he is so proud of himself once he gets there! From this vantage point he can see us having dinner and having mastered the "poor pitiful me" look can often score a scrap of something once we get up from the table. See how he can make a little tear well up in his eye! Who can resist him? Certainly not one of us!


donna said...

I never get tired of seeing pictures of Herbie. Throw him a scrap or two or three for me.

ArtCricket said...

What a love bug!