Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wednesday Link Love

great memory of big packages of some cheap
lemon sandwich cookies that we had a
lot of growing up. And it has shea butter in it and
makes your skin feel great.
Well, this is fun, but I truly don't think I would name
my daughter Gerlion which is what came up for me.
A fun little craft to do with little friends for Spring.
One look at little Sol, and if you know me at all, you will know she has stolen my heart. Hoping the best for her tomorrow.


ArtCricket said...

The body cream looks wonderful! Do you order it or get it locally. Would make a lovely gift.
I love Wed Link Love

Sue said...

Walgreens! Target!

donna said...

The last time I remember seeing Watkins products was at the Farmer's Market where someone had a booth to sell it. You and can be sure P3 & I will be making those chocolate bird nests. If you hadn't told us the pug picture was Sol (love that name for a dog), I'd have thought it was Herbie.