Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What I am NOT…..


My friend Donna has the most gorgeous blog, filled with not just pictures of her beautiful healthy plants but she knows the name of them all and she knows the history of the plants. 



I on the other hand can’t name all of my plants, but I sure can name every piece of “found treasure” in my yard.  There’s an old mailbox in the background with 717 on it. My neighbor found it and knew I would love it.  It holds my clothes pins and a few gardening tools.


The tall pipe here is off a house in the neighborhood that Shawn tore down when the owners passed.  Behind it is a piece that Shawn bought me the first year we lived here.  The pots were almost every one picked off someone’s junk pile during my old junking days.


Every stone in my bird bath was found while digging in the very poor soil around my house, and once washed off they were found to be jewels!

So, what I an NOT is a garden blogger, even though I do love my garden.  I take as much delight in the junk as the plants, all old friends to me.



ArtCricket2 said...

I love your garden "junk" and the fact that it is a friend like plants can be. What matters is what we find to be dear. I've always loved coming to your house for its surprises and charm, not to mention the wonderful woman (and family) who lives there!

donna said...

Oh, Sue, I'd take this creative, meaningful succulent garden over almost anything I have growing here. You may see a link to this post on my blog in the future. I remember when I had nothing but clay pots, but then they got too heavy as I got older and also Zone 4 is too hard on them in the winter. Clay pots will always remain my favorite though.

donna said...

One more thing, I'm now tempted to run outside and gather stones for my cheap plastic bird bath. A good job for Phillip because he always see the jewels among the stones.