Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wednesday Link Love

Just when I got rid of a STACK of old suitcases, I see these!!!

Another tender word from the folks at Kind Over Matter.

What a lovely idea!

And speaking of ideas, there are so many good ones here I couldn't pick just one....

I love the look of this basket.

I don't know why I have never found Oilcloth Addict before, but it was my find of the night! And of course, in keeping with my theme of all things chalkboard......

How fun is this?!

In case you didn't see this around the web this week, it's worth reading.


donna said...

Terry and his family at Thumping My Melon. Wow! Honestly, that's all I can say.

ArtCricket2 said...

I'm crazy about the oilcloth! I loved it as a child and still have fond memories of the red oilcloth I used to cover my desk in kindergarten.I plan to use the cool champagne flutes as vases when I have a few friends for dinner this month. Thanks for the post about Terry, a reminder of life and living and the thing that matters most-LOVE.
Now, if I can locate that old suitcase!