Monday, June 22, 2009

Music Monday

If you are lucky enough to live in Louisville, you have probably been lucky enough to hear Ben Sollee playing around town some. Every time I see him, I am keenly aware that he is getting more and more popular and opportunities to see him around home will probably become a lot more scarce. He is amazing. I'm always a sucker for a cello, but this man takes the cello in a brand new direction.


donna said...

Me commenting on your music posts is like me commenting on ArtCricket2's art posts. I know nuttin' about either one of the subjects. I don't own an iPod, don't buy CD's and the only radio station I listen to for music airs blues, jazz, lounge and swing music (no commericals). My favorite music videos are Chiayim's.

ArtCricket2 said...

Oh, I so love Chiayim's videos, too! Thanks for a great link, reminds me I should post about the musician in my family!
I am partial to strings.