Saturday, June 13, 2009

8 Things

8 things I’m looking forward to-

1. The Mean Moms are going to rumble this weekend. We laugh, cry if we need to , share wisdom, and commiserate . We tell our tales of just how mean we are- all of the things we don’t let our kids do, or make them do, or we do to them that make us so so so mean, then we affirm each other in our choices!

2. Tomorrow Shameka and I are going to the Unique Thrift Store. I LOVE my trips to the Unique. With a little change in my pocket, I can always walk away from there with a treasure. There are certain things I scope out- table cloths, cloth napkins, men’s hankies, housewares, and sometimes clothes. I get excited as we pull into the lot there like I think some folks must get excited about a big shopping trip to a Gatlinburg outlet mall or something!

3. Sunday is an open house at Sister’s to celebrate my amazing wonderful beautiful sweet nephew. Her house is a very comfortable place to gather with friends and family.

4. The Urban Goatwalker Coffee House is tonight. Come on down! It’s an open mic event where just about anyone or anything might show up to do a set. Our van goes to all of the shelters to pick up folks who want to come which is usually quite a few. It’s candle light and attentive servers taking orders for all kinds of homemade deserts and free trade coffee with real whipped cream. Chiayim’s doing a set. 7:30ish to 10ish.

5. Potluck with our community meal friends this week. For the month of June we had so many vacations and VBS and beginning of summer things that we decided to not do meals other than potlucks until July. I’ve missed my friends and our snappy patter over great food, and look forward to time with them.

6. I worked in my garden tonight but it was almost dark when I finished. I am looking forward to admiring it by daylight.

7. Making the Obama family chili recipe this week. We liked it a lot when we had it election week. I bet we will like it just as much now!

8. A nap tomorrow. Please say I’ll get a nap tomorrow. I have been sorely missing my naps!


ArtCricket2 said...

Keep telling me when the Urban Goatwalker Coffee House is. I WILL make it sometime. Tonight is Ezra and the Greek Festival.
I hope you got your nap, I got a short one!
I have always been a touch envious of your fabulous neighborhood dinners, wishing I was as "close" to my neighbors as you.
What did you get at Unique?
And have a wonderful time at Sister's. My great-aunt always referred to her sister as "Sister", I loved it.

donna said...

Your weekend plans sound so much like everything you love to do. Enjoy!

Stella said...

What a great full life you have. You are truly blessed. My husband has twin aunts who always call each other sister and never by their given names. They will be 97 this year and still very active.

Thank you for dropping by and levaing me such a sweet message. Stella