Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday Link Love


The kids and I had a blast playing this game when they were younger……until it got out of hand. Some nameless members of the family took the slugging to a whole new level, so we tried just saying Slug Bug, but it sort of lost the fun.

Sites like this make me really really miss having little ones to read to at night…..

Does anyone know where Becky Christian has gone? I love love love her stuff and would still love to have her set of the 7 Dwarves of Menopause but she’s disappeared from ebay.

Wouldn’t it be fun to set this up at a party? A bolt of fabric and an old frame and there you go…. And while you’re there, scroll down. Lots of great eye candy there.

Walking Tacos look fun for a gathering!

I want to think of a fun way to use some of these!

Well, add Lyle Lovett and brussels sprouts marinated in Italian salad dressing to MY list……..

And a little bit of pug love…..

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donna said...

I went further into Katie's Literature Lounge (she's in my favorites now) and found the perfect Father's Day craft to do with Phillip this weekend -- Car Nut Frame. Thanks to you.