Saturday, June 20, 2009

8 (of many) ways that Shawn is a good dad


1. He gives them wings- it was Shawn who ran alongside them as they learned to ride bikes, who let them ride every scary ride they wanted, who taught them each to drive- and even though it makes him a little sad to see them go, he still keeps on.

2. Shawn works with kids. Most of them are not in a good spot in life. He has that perspective, and both recognizes and affirms how great our kids are, even on their worst days.

3. He works so so hard, and he does it because he wants them to have not only what they need, but some of what they want too.

4. He softens my rough edges. More times than I can count, he has followed behind the wide path of hormonal hysteria that I have cut and smoothed things over and helped the kids give me another chance!

5. He cares a lot more about the kids fitting in with other kids than I do and understands that they do indeed want some of the things that normal teens want- like phones and video players and such- and he honors that. I would have them living like the Amish were it not for his intervention, and we all know that!

6. He is very relaxed, and very present with them. When they are laughing and having fun, he’s not worried that they are making a mess or being too loud- he’s just right there in the moment with them.

7. He is so proud of them, and shows it in the way he looks at them, the way he talks to them, the way he brags about them.

8. He LOVES being with his family, and loves to do nice things for us all and he LOVES being a dad.



Suzanne said...

You can mark that Father's Day gift off of your list. That tribute was worth a million dollars!

ArtCricket2 said...

More than a million and so is he! What a terrific picture of him!

donna said...

This post has me wanting to be one of his kids. Hard workers are underrated in this society, so kudos to Shawn. Handsome, too!