Monday, June 15, 2009

Edit, Add, Appreciate


Edit- This week I begin carpooling with my son and because it’s his first week on the job, he has to be in 1/2 hour early which means I will too. That puts me at a 5:30 wake up call, and sorely in the need of an earlier bedtime. I have 15 minutes to make my goal for tonight.

Add-I want to treat myself kindly this week by treating myself to something that makes me feel rich and gives me joy each day. Could be listening to music that I love, or doing a little piece of art, or writing a note to a friend, or sitting in my back yard with the candles lit.

Appreciate- In my efforts to reclaim my wild and hard scrabble back yard, I finally decided to let one of the beds lie fallow this year so that I can amend the soil more before I plant there next year. I mulched over one large spot of it and did a little arrangement of pots with succulents in them. Maybe a picture will follow tomorrow. I thought of it after I found a little hen and chick rooted in the crook of an old railroad tie back there. They ask for a little bit of water from time to time and otherwise live very simply on whatever they can find to live on.

Makes me think of my mom, who within 10 minutes of arriving somewhere , be that a tent or travel trailer or a hotel room or a hospital room has to “set up our house” and makes it our very own.

So, today I am appreciating all of the tenacious hens who make homes out of whatever they can find for their chicks, who ask for little and give much.


Suzanne said...

I hope that before you drift off to sleep you imaginee yourself surrounded by "the boys" singing "Good Night Sweetheart"

donna said...

You must know that I'm lovin' how you've added a little gardening to your blog. Those dear hen and chicks can survive almost anywhere. My husband is a nest maker like your mother.