Monday, June 22, 2009

Edit, Add, Appreciate


EDIT- On Friday we had some technical difficulties at our house and in the process of trying to “fix” something on Shameka’s computer, I managed to lose my own internet connection. I am embarrassed now to even remember what an unattractive person I became. Tiny wires in my head melted down, I’m pretty sure. The thought of a night, much less a weekend, without internet completely pushed me out of my mind. Chiayim came home and made all things right, but I am left with a chilling knowledge that I am addicted to the internet. And so, I am going to make a conscious effort to spend less time on here this week. My name is Sue, and I am an online addict. Hold me accountable!

ADD- I had wanted to make Shawn some special hand soap for Father’s Day using a scent I used some years ago that he loved- Tomato Leaf. It’s been so long that I can’t remember which company I ordered that oil from, but I was totally disappointed in what I got when I ordered from my favorite place I get my fragrance oils at usually. I went on though and made a nice cross between a soap and a scrub, and it reminded me of how much I enjoy making lotions and potions. I got enough basic supplies that I’d like to make some more this week.

APPRECIATE- Hands down, my greatest of appreciation goes out to Kendra who is off at camp, leaving little Herbie in my care. He is rotten- Kendra feeds him by hand kibble by tiny kibble. He sleeps in her bed and snores and stinks and takes up a good portion of the bed. She gets up in the night to change his little pants, or to get him a drink if he’s too hot. She holds him for long periods of time each day. This week, he’s mine to care for and it’s safe to say that he is not happy about all of this. The sleeping options are to a) sleep with all of the lights on so he hopefully does’t realize it’s night and just thinks I’ve left the room and will be back shortly, or b) find some way to bring him and his little bed into my room where he will be close to me but not so close that I might step on him in the night. Either way, I think he’s going to be bitter. I’ll let you know.


ArtCricket2 said...

yOu must have gotten your tomato leaf the same place mine was from. I'm pretty sure I remember that mine was not the same as yours. I'll have to see if i still have any. The joys of soaping. I've made sugar scrub recently and got out the things to make lip balm for surprise balls I think I'll make for company that's coming for dinner next week. I have enough stuff to make soap. Maybe you'll inspire me!
Good luck with Herbie, and good luck to him, too.

donna said...

What a big heart Kendra must have to care for Herbie in such a loving way. I trust Herbie will report back to Kendra that you did a very good job in tending to his needs while she was gone. And....don't you think we probably all spend too much time on the computer?