Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wednesday Link Love

I wish I had known about muffin tin meals when my kids were younger. I just don't think they'd go for it now........but I'm filing this idea for the grandkids! Be sure to scroll all the way down the page to see all of her great ideas!

I know this is a glorified baby pool, but ever since I've seen it, I've wanted it....

I can do this....maybe not with sea glass, but with something!

I could do this too, but Beth could do it so much better!

Shameka and I are going to make one of these for her dorm room.

You might think from reading this blog that I actually give parties....but I really only like to look at party "stuff" like these

And you may notice a theme that I have with chalkboard paint! Love these!!

Great ideas to get you going on an art journal


donna said...

It's my wish to have all day on Thursdays to follow up on every single one of your links. They all interest me a lot and my "favorites" is filling up fast with your suggestions. Shameka/dorm room....what day exactly does she graduate? I know you're not in a hurry to be a grandmother, but you will be fantastic at it.

gypsy said...

Thanks for linking! I love the muffin tin meal idea ~ my kids will think it's a fun buffet.

ArtCricket2 said...

Another day of fabulous finds~I'd love to do something creative with junk mail beside recycle. Reuse sounds so much better. Can't wait for Ezra to come over for a muffin tin meal! Shameka's dorm room will be wonderful!