Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tiny House Fantasy #427

Ohhhhhh......if this little sweetie were mine! I would invite a friend or two over for tea, I would spend every rainy afternoon in it, I would give out little day passes to all of my friends to redeem on their saddest or most tired days, of course I would take naps in it, and I would feel so happy and loved in those little beds! If within the next three short days I can figure out how to get the money, how to understand how much money I actually would need, and how to get it to America, that little baby is mine. Expect your coupon for a day pass in the mail soon.
In lieu of that, you can bid on it yourself here.


donna said...

I'm thinking of having Jr. park his RV in our driveway for a few days so that Phillip and I can pretend we're camping without leaving home. Of course, it wouldn't be the same as your little sweetie. I'm going out to the mailbox now to see if my day pass coupon has arrived. Love this post.

amanda. said...

my uncle has a wonderful airstream on his farm in winchester. i asked him to will it to me... horrible i know but an airstream!!

Sue said...

An Airstream AND a farm in Winchester- sounds pretty sweet! I'm a pretty urban gal, but long for a little getaway that is always waiting for me somewhere near a body of water and where I could really see the stars at night.