Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Link Love

Yes, the sky was really that color today, and there really was a sprig of redbud in bloom!
So, not that I'm a wearer of lipstick, but I'm sort of taken with this look.
I like to look and look at this page and try to choose which one I would pick if I could have any one of these.
When you can't go to sleep, try to decide what your five rules would be.
I've thought of this sweet little story all week.
This is a fun little tool for garden planning.
While I like to think that I would try my hand at these, I really can only picture Beth really doing it.
Don't we all need a set of these on our desk?
I dare you to pull this out in a restaurant!


ArtCricket2 said...

My blocks are printed and I'm headed to the closet because if Jim doesn't have a tie, I'm going to goodwill tomorrow. My eggs are hard boiled and I am ready! Results soon to be posted. Sweet!
That little sweet story made me cry remembering the times I yelled at my kids especially when I was a single mom. I think about it more often than I should.
The phone reminded me that for all of my kids life at my house, we had a rotary dial phone in the kitchen. Their friends would ask to use the phone and when I said "Sue, it's in the kitchen on the wall," they would go in and just stare at it and stare out at me. " What?"

donna said...

Visiting here again this AM to see how/why I missed the eggs link. Guess I only clicked on Beth and not the word "these". Glad I came back. And Beth, we ALL wish we'd been more patient with our children, that's why we're such good grandparents.