Saturday, April 18, 2009


We had a viral video night at the church tonight and it was great fun. Folks submitted their favorite youtube videos and my friend Kevin put together a play list and it made for a truly fun (and free!) evening. And so, for my 8 things tonight I have chosen 8 videos I love, most of them off tonights playlist. Enjoy!
3. And the cutest kid ever!
4. Gotta have some pug love
5. And a tiny bit more pug
7. Love this teacher and the way his kids feel about themselves because of him
8. And this one was a new one to me tonight, and the whole crowd really got into it.


donna said...

So far, I've only looked at #7 and I do believe that if that cute guy was my teacher, I'd be able to sing, too. All those darling children looked so into the music and I think a few of them see themselves as future American Idol contestants.

Suzanne said...

And I wonder why I sit down to the computer and loose hours of my life? What JOY!

ArtCricket2 said...

Oh, how fabulous! I can't decide what I like best!