Thursday, April 2, 2009


It maybe doesn't look all that different, but a) it's all contained, b) like things are stacked with like things, and c) every box has a number and I have a file that tells me what is in each numbered box! We took a HUGE load to Goodwill, recycled a mountain, and threw out what couldn't go any other way. What on earth were we thinking, saving all of those clothes that we hoped would fit someday, all of those idgits and widgits that I was afraid we "might need someday"? And what good are the headlines from the day JFK was killed and September 11 and the end of the Viet Nam war if they are all in random boxes and can never be found?

The girls did the lions share of the work, and all of us together spent a good five hours on it!
And for those keeping count, we are checking this off our list and yesterday we went to Ollies Trolly and did a photo shoot day at Cave Hill Cemetary.

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donna said...

We have a garage attic. Not much up there but I'm afraid to go up there. Remember a couple years ago when we cleaned/organized the basement? Well, it's getting messy again. Are your CHC photos on facebook? I'll have to go look. Did you have to mention the Ollie burgers again? Drool! Drool!