Tuesday, August 30, 2011

TNT Tuesday

We had an international potluck at church on Sunday.  I fixed three of our old favorites.

Brown Butter Rice-  I use basmati rather than brown rice just because folks around my house like that better.  And the peas are not a deal breaker.  They mostly just make it prettier.

Chana Masala-  I used this recipe, but I made it in the crockpot.  Tastes good on brown butter rice!

KLUSKI I KAPUSTA- We like sour cream better than cottage cheese with this, but it’s great without either one!



donna said...

1 cup of butter in the Kluski I Kapusta....that caught my attention. I buy organic butter now so that makes it okay to use 1 cup in a recipe, right? lol Topped with cottage cheese doesn't appeal to me either although I eat cc almost every day.

Maybe I could tempt P3 with the Brown Butter Rice. He really likes Wild Rice cooked until it's almost sticky and he eats it plain...no butter, no seasonings. He also eats sticky white rice with his orange chicken.

Eating at your house is a whole lot more interesting than here at my place.


Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

I was sorry I missed that potluck! Boo- what you brought sounds wonderful! I went to the Phoenix Hill farmers market yesterday. I was happy to get the lemon granola-my favorite. I was to supply breakfast this morning for my prayer group. I made your tomato pie and a peach and blueberry crisp. Raves for both.

Sue said...

I cut the butter on both the rice and the noodle recipes. Even at half the butter on the noodles it's very buttery!