Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wednesday Link Love


While I am not sure if I could sleep there, and am positive I couldn’t use that bathtub, I do think taking a nap here at MaryJanes Farm looks divine!

I love swing/hanging beds and a great tutorial can be found here should you want to make your own. The thing is, I live on a busy urban street…….But if I lived at Fire Lake Camp, I’d be spending some serious time here!

I’m undecided about joining pinterest, but there sure are a zillion great things to look at!  Loved these ideas!

Love this!  It reminded me that my mother made my case for my first Barbie out of a little old red cardboard suitcase which she made perfect by adding a trip and Barbie spelled out in plaid rickrack.

This time of year I am instinctively drawn to lunch-packing goodies.  Isn’t this a fun idea?

I’ve been enjoying these two sites- They Draw and Travel and They Draw and Cook. I see that you can order prints!

1 comment:

donna said...

Have to say that the photo in the mason jar filled with olive oil fascinates me.

Do you still have the Barbie case your mother made?

Gotta run now....need to go write a message on a banana. I was going to say "on Phil's banana" but that just didn't sound right. lol