Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wednesday Link Love


The Commission Project- What a great idea.  I’ll let you guess what picture I would have done.  I wonder what it would be?  Something with my front door and my beloved Odie would be nice….What picture would you send?

I have somehow managed to reach adult life without ever having made a shrinky dink……but this makes me have a serious desire to give it a try!

Oh so sweet!  Now I want to read the book!

More glow in the dark ideas….this time with glow in the dark paint!

Some really fun ideas here (If you have access to pallets!)

Isn’t this a great idea?  (Especially if you are patient and know how to sew.)

Ohhhhh I so seriously want to get some of this!  I loved sun prints when I was a child and have remained fascinated, and this kicks it up a notch!

Now, see if this doesn’t make you smile!


Elizabeth Akins, RDH, BS said...

I was so tempted by the commission project!
I love this idea with shrink dinks. I loved my circus ones, but now I'm digging out all of the postcards my sister gave me and thinking bracelets for Christmas!
I saw those tables when I went looking for inspiration for the coffee table I made last month.
I couldn't pass up the inkodye! Let's have a play date.

donna said...

There have never been any shrinky dinks in my life either. Dinks, yes....but no shrinky dinks.

I wish every child going to school could have a kissing hand in his/her pocket.

Saying something nice is contagious.