Thursday, September 1, 2011

Wednesday Link Love

I love buttons, and I’m really loving these button monograms against white or against black  I just miss my button sourch, Behr Fabric.  They had walls of drawers of buttons.

I know some windows I would love to make paper curtains for. Aren’t they great?!

I think this may be my Labor Day picnic plan!

Looks like a great place to take a nap to me!  How about you?

A.Dorable!  I am such a sucker for blackboard paint!

If you have ever been a Story Corp listener, you probably knew Annie and Danny.  Such a sweet sweet love story. Made me think of my own parents.  Tissue alert!


1 comment:

donna said...

The S'mores Dots make me think of the Pudgy Pies that Nicole's side of the family makes on the campfire. They did them Sunday night.

I have my Aunt Alyce's button box, but the buttons aren't nearly as colorful as the ones in Knoop het.