Friday, April 30, 2010

Some days are just golden

And today was one of those-



My beautiful grown up niece endeared herself even MORE to me by asking K to present her with her class ring and today was the Ring Ceremony.   This marks my third year in a row attending that ceremony at that school, and sadly is the last one for our family.   My niece is the senior class president and gave an amazing speech, motivating and positive and just perfect, and on a day after having read Scripture at her grandfather’s funeral yesterday.  I used to fantasize when I was younger that my sister and I would have kids who grew up together and were close.  These sweet pictures are the fulfillment of that dream.   And THEN….  Parade Time!!!!

We go up at noon to secure a good space, with chairs and blankets spread everywhere, and one or two of us hold vigil there until our friends can join us.  Today was a perfect parade day, and I have the sunburned neck to prove it!


ArtCricket2 said...

Golden, indeed!

donna said...

To have a dream like that come true is truly amazing. Speaking of amazing, so are K & S.

I was hoping for parade photos and you didn't disappoint. You didn't even recognize me at the parade, did you? I was wearing the pink wig and yellow/white striped shirt and carrying an orange pom pom.