Thursday, April 8, 2010

Wednesday Link Love

I’m not sure how I have not stumbled upon Becky’s Blog before, but it is just a FEAST of color and beauty!  Oh, Becky!  I want to have every room in my house filled with your colors!

I’m sure you can detect themes in my links each week and can pretty much guess what I’ve been craving, and I’ve been craving beauty.  And I found it here and here and here and here.  Sigh.

And I must have a little foot thing going on too- loving these  and ooohhhhh how I would love to trace my horrible flat hurting foot and send it off to the Aurora folks so that I could have my own pair of these!  Be sure to watch the video.

Then there would be (as always) the food theme……like, how much would I love for Louisville to have this amazing line-up of food carts?!   And the next time I feel the need to comfort someone (or myself), this recipe is coming out.

So, I thought this was the coolest idea ever when I first read of it last year.  And when my birthday came around……I had forgotten it.  Will I remember this year?  I guess that’s the difference in her being 30 and me being…….not 30.  But isn’t it a great idea?

Thinking that this is pretty fun too…..

Hope you feel rich and happy!


ArtCricket2 said...

I always feel rich and happy after Wednesday Link Love.
Ranunculus is a favorite flower of mine. I found some at Kroger the day before Easter and bought them for our table. I wanted them so badly for my wedding bouquet. The florist said they were very iffy in December, but she came up with a lovely bunch for me!
Nella gets prettier every day. Lucky her that her mom is such a great photographer. All her pics are exquisite.
My hammer toe feet want a pair of those shoes. Hum, Christmas list, where are you.

donna said...

What a pleasue it was to read the KIMBIRTHDEY (the big 3-0) post. And may I say, I luv the big blue chair that her husband surrounded with pink roses.