Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Outside my window  I still hear kids playing- evidence of spring break.

I am  thinking...about the miners and families in West Virginia, about their hard scrabble life and the fear of accident that they live with all of the time.

I am thankful for...feeling better finally.  I just woke up feeling normal yesterday.  What a long week!

From the kitchen...tonight there were baked potatoes FROM MY OVEN!!!  Just fixed today.  Can’t wait to really be able to cook this weekend.

I am wearing...black.  My favorite color for clothing.

I am creating...some simple notecards for a friend as a surprise.

I am going...to have all of my kids under roof this weekend!!  Yay!  I am never happier, and it’s been wayyyyyy too long since I’ve gotten to look my son in the eye.

I am reading...getting ready tonight to pick something from my Christmas stash.  I think it will be The Girls From Ames.

I am hoping...to do something fun with K on Thursday.  She hasn’t really done anything fun for spring break.

I am hearing...everyone in my house doing their own thing.  DH has a tv show on, K is on the computer in the kitchen, Herbie is grumbling and wanting to be held, and Willow is smacking her lips in her sleep.

Around the house...is a general lazy feeling.  I just feel so dang good to feel good.  The house needs some attention, but I’m thinking maybe I can get away  with crying “sick” for a day or two more?  Probably not.

One of my favorite things...is that once the weather is warm, the neighbors are all back out on the porches at night.  Had a great porch session with my neighbor Mr. Al  and my nephew on Sunday.   In the early hours of Saturday morning I stood out on the porch and looked up and down my street and wondered if anyone loves their neighborhood as much as I love mine.

A few plans for the rest of the week……..a vacation day on Thursday and then on Friday the gathering in of my little chicks.  Already making the grocery list.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…..


Symbols of God’s love- in green!

Today I have joined with other women who are choosing to linger on the simple things on Tuesdays through The Simple Woman’s Daybook.


Allison said...

Sue- I envy and admire your relationship with your neighbors. I can't say I have the same with mine, but I hope to someday have neighbors that I get along with.

I hope you have a good vacation day today! Enjoy!

donna said...

Your "For Today" posts are going to become some of my favorites, of that I'm sure.

It doesn't seem right that black is your favorite color for clothes and I don't think I've ever seen you wearing black in photos. Tell me it ain't so.


Lindalou said...

My favorite thing is having all my kids in my house at the same time as well. And I got The Girls from Ames for Christmas as well. I haven't started reading it yet. But soon.

Are you really trying a sampler too! So exciting. I'm almost finished with my second square. I did a little house...cause I love HOME. It will be fun sharing with you.

Lauri said...

I enjoyed your daybook. First time visiting. I noticed that all of our neighbors are out & about once the warm weather arrives, as well.