Wednesday, April 14, 2010

For Today

Outside my window…..  I hear the thumping of the bass in a car waiting at the light.

I am  thinking...about my youngest and a very important job interview she has tomorrow.

I am thankful for...this day.  I was originally scheduled to have surgery today, and put it off in order to better recover from being sick a couple of weeks ago, and it felt very right to do that. 

From the kitchen...I smell arugula picked from the garden tonight.  Made a little pesto with it and it stirred up a good smell!

I am wearing...sweat pants and a t-shirt that I wore to the garden tonight.

I am creating...ideas for a work project.  May not seem like creating, but for me, to re-work something is to create and infuse it with new energy, so I think it counts.

I am bed soon with the hopes of sleeping well.  That has been somewhat of an issue of late.  Not so much getting to sleep, but staying asleep for the night.

I am reading...The Girls from Ames and enjoying it.

I am one day get to see my son!  I’ve been disappointed the last couple of times I thought I was going to get to see him, and I am almost afraid to hope any more about it!

I am hearing...the air conditioning…..which I truly did not want to be running in April (or especially in March!) but with my allergies it seems to be a necessity this week.  Just can’t sleep with the windows open.

Around the house...I’m just loving my new floors so much and so happy to have my oven fixed.  I feel like I have some heightened sense of gratitude these days, just so so glad to have and be in my home.

One of my favorite having people over and cooking for them.  I really enjoyed having a big group in Sunday night for dinner.  I was keenly aware of how much help my daughter is to me when I am cooking for a crowd and wonder how I will ever do it all  without her.  Maybe have smaller dinner parties?!

A few plans for the rest of the week……..this weekend is Thunder Over Louisville, a huge fireworks show that kicks off Kentucky Derby festival time.  I’m very excited to have my family coming down to hang out and watch the fireworks.  I could just sit on my porch alllllll day long on Thunder day and watch people and talk to strangers.

Here is picture for thought I am sharing…..


Potatoes newly planted and peeking above ground in the community  garden tonight.

Today I have joined with other women who are choosing to linger on the simple things on Tuesdays through The Simple Woman’s Daybook.


Americanising Desi said...

air condition tells me u r having summers!

My Day Book

donna said...

Your "For Today" posts are quickly becoming my favorites. Wish I could remember to join's on my list of things to do.

Don't know how I've gotten so far behind in reading your blog. For some reason, I'm sleeping later in the morning. Early morning is usually my computer time.

You have arugula in the garden? Lucky duck. What happened with K's job interview?