Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wednesday Link Love

Grape Salad

We had a pitch in at work today and someone brought this. It was the hit of the day. Same recipe, only she used praline pecans which she said you buy in a can at Kroger.

Beautiful to look at, impossible to think of keeping clean!

I loved sewing cards as a kid. Aren’t these fun?!

I can think of a lot of fun things I would do with these, and what a fun thing to have around for kids!

Lovin’ these Earth Day cupcakes!

Amy’s starting another stitchalong. Since I only did one square the last time around, I could start afresh. Or not.

I really want to try this!

I think these are great, but it’s sort of a sad day when the only two that would accommodate all that I carry around are called a satchel or a weekender!

I’d like to go to all of these but it would be quite a commute. I’d like to go to the praying with the elements session the most.

I love this poem, and think it will come in handy someday.

Acckkkkkkk…..I love this!

Need a fun idea for Mother’s Day?

So, what movies would you pick? I’d pick Sound of Music, Story of Us, and When Harry Met Sally.

OH, I love wild violets!!!


donna said...

Wish I had not one other thing to do this morning but check out all of the links that you so kindly share with us.

I absolutely fell in luv 100% with the wild violets planted in the fancy glasses.

If I lived closer to Phillip and had known about the Earth Day cupcakes sooner, I'd for sure have made them for his class (with his help, of course). Last weekend, I took P, C & J to pick up litter in the ditches and Phillip wanted to know if he could take the bag of litter we collected to school to show his teacher.

Your photo in the post is great.


ArtCricket2 said...

Another fabulous wednesday. I'm inspired to hook up with one of the retreats when I head to WA state sometime. Cool! You turn me on to the best stuff. Earth Day cupcakes-noted for next year. I was admiring a stand of wild violets that are right where I want them in my side yard. So many great things.
I love WLL. Ahhh

Lindalou said...

I always enjoy visiting all the links you find. I am always amazed at all the interesting blogs there are. I wonder if there is some research out there with an estimate of how many active blogs there are. Must be off the charts.