Saturday, January 2, 2010


A year ago I chose the word Less as the word I wanted to live into for 2009. My goal at the time was for:

Less strife, less sadness, less meetings, less avoidance and denial.

Less stuff, more harmony in our house.

Less busyness, more quiet time for my heart to soften and grow.

Less concern about checking things off my to-do list, more living in the moment. Less need to control, more surprises.

Okay- less internet time, more sleep!

I tried really hard to keep my word close to my heart as I walked through the year, checking in with it from time to time to see how I was doing. I really did make a space for “less” in my life and am grateful and better because of it. Stay tuned for my word for this new year……


donna said...

Looking forward to your new word.

My 2009 word was appreciate.

My 2010 motto is, Never Complain - Never Explain.

We'll see how it goes.

Queen of Fun said...

Help! I was fishing around on your site and found a blog with the most wonderful downloadable graphics (like paper dolls) and lost it. Do you know what that site is?
Happy New Year!

Sue said...

Not sure- I've used these

I'll look around a bit