Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wednesday Link Love


I loved this MISSION.  Had hoped K and I might do a few spots this week, but alas we never got around to it…be sure to check out the video.

Ackkkkkkk   How adorable are these?!!

I’d share a room with Hagen, wouldn’t you?

Made these this weekend.  They were as easy as they sound and more delicious than I expected!  K is going to make them for a kiddos party she’s hosting on Friday.

Gotta try these.  I’m wondering if they would be too wobbly to sit up and act right.  Well, worth a try.  Next time we eat 6 oranges at the same time, I’ll whip some up.

Yep, got to give this a try.  There is always a nice selection of rusty cookie sheets at my favorite thrift store.  Used to be a nice selection of them here until my mother gave me nice new ones.

I’m not even sure how I found my way to this blog, but it’s lovely if you love books.

OH, how beautiful are these?!

There are so many beautiful images here.  I added one of mine (brandon6)

Not that I would ever go to this much trouble, but someone like my friend Beth might.

Some absolutely beautiful images of Haitians taken in a happier time.

Fun story from my friend Suzanne.

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donna said...

Cupcakes in oranges? Who thinks up all this stuff? Looks fun though.

I tried to print out the Smores recipe but it wouldn't print. Phillip would luv doing them that way.