Sunday, January 11, 2009

At first my word was going to be MORE- more peace, more joy, more time with my family, more self-care......but then I thought of how this is a more more more more more society I live in.
I realized that there has to be less of something for everything I want more of.
Less strife, less sadness, less meetings, less avoidance and denial.
Less stuff, more harmony in our house.
Less busyness, more quiet time for my heart to soften and grow.
Less concern about checking things off my to-do list, more living in the moment. Less need to control, more surprises.
Okay- less internet time, more sleep!


ArtCricket said...

How wonderful for you to make "less" more! Seeing things from another perspective is one of the things I admire about you. It is a big part of creativity!

amyk said...

I really, really love your blog. And now I must extract myself and go to school...but I want to keep reading!