Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Today's weather forecast of potential snow has we Louisvillians all atwitter. We're hesitant to commit to anything beyond today because of the threat. I will sleep with one eye open all night tonight I'm sure. Having never lived anywhere but Louisville, I saw things with new eyes one day when I was driving around some folks visiting with my company who were from New England. Snow was predicted, and as we drove around we saw salt trucks everywhere, poised and ready. My guests thought that that was hilarious, and I realized that much of the world functions pretty much as usual in spite of snow. Anyway, I'm always amused at how much we hype it up before it arrives, which never fails to remind me of this witty essay by E.B. White.


Lindalou said...

Those of us who live with snow daily, do always find it entertaining how it can cripple normally warmer climes. But to be honest, they dramatize a snow storm just as much here as they do there. It still sends people running to the stores to "stock up". Mostly it's just very funny, but every now and then, they do get it right.

Good luck..hope it skips by you.

ArtCricket2 said...

What a hoot! My husband is a weather hound. He lives for weather reports. It cracks me up.
I like being surprised. There was nothing more wonderful (except may Christmas)as a child, than to awaken to a lighter sky than expected and the silence of the world after a snowfall. The traffic sounds, everything was muffled. You knew without opening the curtain that it had snowed. I loved it!