Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunday Senses

Just this weekend-

I heard- my son and three of his friends do an amazing benefit concert on Friday night, enjoyed a shuffle on the iPod for a couple of hours in the car yesterday, a beautiful prelude by Kate this morning in worship, and we sang the most beautiful song! This song, Song Over the Waters, was like a song I would dance to if I were a dancer. I’m not even a clapper or a swayer, so we’re safe to assume I will not be doing interpretive dance anytime soon, but this song begs me to bow and sway like a willow! God, you have moved upon the waters, you have sung in the rush of wind and flame; and in your love, you have called us sons and daughters, make us people of the water and your name.

I saw- my son walk through the door from college (which continues to make my heart sing every time) and my daughter dropped safely back at her dorm (which never gets any easier!) , hills and trees and farmland that looked like snow had been painted on with a brush , AND best of all, Shameka and I saw two foxes trotting through a pristine snowy field. It was one of those things that you see in an instant as you are flying down the interstate, and it’s so amazing that you want to do a u-turn to be sure you saw it, knowing though that the instant is gone.

I tasted- homemade chicken and dumplings tonight in a toasty kitchen on a cold winter’s night. I used this recipe and it was very good and very easy, and perfect with K’s blueberry muffins she made this afternoon.

I smelled- a wonderful vanilla candle when I came in tonight. It was after dark and it did my heart good to come in to see a little candle glow. I rarely miss lighting a candle or two each winter’s night, and love the way their simple glow adds such warmth to the room.

I touched- warm towels to fold, a warm velvety shirt that DH found in the back of my closet Friday that I had forgotten I even owned, the hands of DH and K- back to just the three of us around the table at grace time.


donna said...

I've never seen a soup recipe using biscuits for dumplings, but I'm all into crockpot soups.

Sounds like you soaked up all the good stuff from your weekend.

Have a happy week.


Allison said...

lovely post, sue! foxes in the snow sound wonderful. lucky you to have caught a glimpse of them. i've been lighting candles lately, too. they do give some illusion of warmth and make dark nights feel a bit brighter!